At a time when banks are offering loan offers with sky-high interest rates ... At a time when the financial crisis is still looming ...

Individuals need the money, but cannot afford to reimburse banks at the rates they charge. Others want to save and cannot find good rates for them with banks. This is how the idea of ​​the peer-to-peer loan was born.

Moreover, it is so innovative and interesting that the websites offering these services are multiplying.

Lenders and borrowers find advantages there. The interest rate is set by both parties, so that the loan is financially attractive to both. And not just for one of the two, as is the case with an agreement signed between a bank and an individual.

For the lender, the money he lends can be seen as an investment, a saving. As this transaction is safe and secure, the lender knows that he will get back what is owed, and this with interest.

The borrower, on the other hand, finds his main advantage in the interest rate.

This being established by and for both parties, this allows him to obtain consumer credit, set up his business, etc.

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